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Inflatable air-chamber packaging envelops your product and acts as an effective shock absorber to protect your product in transit. Furthermore, in the unlikely event that an air-chamber is deflated, the others stay intact, continuing to provide optimal protection for your product.


& Cost Savings

A single standard pallet of AERIS packaging is equivalent to a 53 foot truck load of foam or bubble wrap! AERIS air-chamber products are shipped to you deflated, and are easily inflated when needed. The end result – reduced storage, transportation and packaging costs.



AERIS air-chamber packaging products are BPA Free, ROHS Compliant and 100% Recyclable, producing Zero Landfill. You reduce your company’s carbon footprint and in most cases, the size of your packaging - all while continuing to protect your valuable product.


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What does it cost to change to air-chamber technology?

All you need is an air compressor and our AERIS Inflator Kit, so the investment is very small, typically less than $200. No molds or tooling are required to get started!

Does AERIS air-chamber packaging take up a lot of space when shipping?

No, AERIS inflatable air-chamber packaging takes up significantly less space, so you save both on incoming and outgoing freight. Incoming, you save because our product is shipped to you flat, without air.

Typically one pallet of our product is equal to a truckload of foam or bubble wrap. Outgoing, you save because the efficiency of our inflatable air-chamber packaging enables you, in most cases, to reduce the size and weight of a shipping box, while retaining same or superior protection.

I have a very low breakage rate. Why should I switch?

How much is your current packaging costing you? Is it 100% recyclable? AERIS inflatable air-chamber packaging can be custom-made to your specifications, in most cases without the expense of tooling. AERIS products ship to you flat (so they save you space), inflate easily and can lower your labor costs by increasing packaging productivity. Space and cost saving, superior protection and eco-compliant – don’t settle for two out of three when you can have it all.

How long do the air-chambers hold the inflated air? What happens if an air cell breaks?

Once inflated, Air chambers can hold their air pressure for up to two years with minimal air loss. Air-chambers are individual air cells that fill all at the same time, but deflate separately, so if one cell is punctured the others remain intact and your product is still protected.

How do air-chambers react when transported via plane?

Chambers are inflated to an optimal air pressure. Variations of air pressure in an airplane do not cause any kind of problems to the air-chamber.


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