Shopping!!! And the importance of E-commerce packaging

By: Sharon Tansky

Fall is in the air. Cooler weather means kids go back to school, and you might be thinking about health and wellness, a new car before winter sets in, taking up a new hobby, buying a new electronic device and just shopping in general.

What do all these things have in common? All these items are part of the e-commerce world, and to ship it safely must be packaged in protective packaging. What good is any item that arrives broken?

Enter Aeris Protective Packaging! Aeris’ inflatable packaging offers ‘best in class’ custom designed,100% recyclable, inflatable air-chamber packaging, with integrated matching corrugated boxes to protect what you ship.  All this in an eco-friendly packaging solution!

Aeris’ e-commerce packaging solutions offer economic and environmental benefits as Aeris’ air chamber packaging bags have a unique inflatable packaging layout and a self-sealed, air locking valve system, which are custom designed for each item. This drastically decreases a company’s breakage rate, the first step in solving the e-commerce packaging problem of how to get products safely to the end user.

Except wait – what does Aeris’ Protective Packaging have to do with that new car? A hobby? Health? Electronics? 

New car – well, while Aeris does not package that whole new car; parts to assemble an automobile need to be shipped safely to the plant. 

Hobby- well, you just might want to take up the guitar. Our specialty air chamber packaging will get it to you safely. For a demonstration of how strong and safe Aeris’ inflatable packaging is watch our video Will it break, part 2.

Health- Many products in this industry are being shipped with eco-friendly packaging from Aeris Protective Packaging.

Electronics- Aeris’ protective packaging is a pioneer in the inflatable packaging and e-commerce packaging of refurbished electronics, from cell phones to laptops and desktops, and just about any item on the market today.

So go ahead and access your shopping needs.  Then, take comfort in knowing that many of the world’s most famous brands choose Aeris’ eco-friendly packaging. 

If you company isn’t using Aeris Protective Packaging, then now is the time to switch. To discuss how our air chamber packaging solutions will benefit your business, speak with a member of our team today by e-mail at, or give us a call at 888-682-8951


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