Eco-Friendly Packaging
AERIS air-chamber packaging products are BPA Free, ROHS Compliant and 100% Recyclable, producing zero landfill waste. You reduce your company’s carbon footprint and the size of your packaging – all while continuing to protect your valuable product.
Total solution
Total Solution
From custom product design to meet your packaging needs to production education and implementation, AERIS provides a complete packaging solution. By working with you every step of the way, we make sure the transition to our system is as easy as possible.
Designed for e-commerce
Designed For E-Commerce
AERIS packaging systems offer e-commerce businesses peace of mind when shipping their products. Our drop-tested and FedEx certified packaging reduces your breakage rates and increases your customers’ out of box experiences.
Why Aeris

Why Aeris?

AERIS offers custom designed, inflatable air-chamber packaging to protect your products. Our packaging solution is not only eco-friendly but it is also cost-effective and space saving and recyclable. Whether it’s laptops, cell phones, electronics, or medical devices, our packaging ensures that your valuable products reach their destination intact.

98% air
80% space saving
100% recyclable

How does Aeris Packaging Work?

Working with Aeris packaging is easy thanks
to our unique patent-pending technology.

What Are The
Benefits Of Aeris?

AERIS air-chamber systems are one of the only sustainable Eco-Friendly packaging solutions on the market. Our fully recyclable system lowers your carbon footprint by helping to reduce storage space, decrease transportation emissions and generated waste. Given all of these things, we are still less expensive than traditional packaging solutions.

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