Why Air

Inflatable Packaging- Why use air? 

Aeris Protective Packaging offers ‘best in class’ custom designed,100% recyclable, inflatable air-chamber packaging, with integrated matching corrugated boxes to protect what you ship.  All this in an eco-friendly packaging solution!

Aeris’ protective packaging solutions offer economic and environmental benefits as a viable alternative to void fill, non-recyclable foams, bubble wrap and various other methods of packaging. Aeris’ inflatable packaging is filled on-demand with sealed air inside each of the air chambers, providing superior protection for fragile items during transportation. 

The air chamber packaging bags have a unique inflatable packaging layout and a self sealed, air locking valve system, which are custom designed for each item. This maximizes the protection of your products, ensuring that your end clients have a positive “unboxing experience”. 

The Importance of Air Cushioning in Protective Packaging 

Inflatable on-demand air chamber packaging solutions are in high demand because of its benefits, which include tremendous space savings & increased product protection, that together generate substantial economic benefits. Aeris’ designs use 98% air in its inflated packaging*, taking advantage of natural resources – therefore providing the ultimate eco-friendly packaging solution. 

The engineered patent-pending designs provide highly effective shock absorption properties to achieve maximum protection of your products, in the smallest possible footprint! 

Aeris’ inflatable packaging is secure, as each air chamber is independent of one another. Should one air chamber break, all other air chambers remain inflated, safely securing the consumer’s purchase for the balance of its trip. 

The Benefits of Air Chamber Packaging Solutions 

What does this mean for your business? 

To ensure the best possible results, Aeris’ Protective Packaging designs are tested at independent ISTA test labs, where they are tested for Drop resistance, Compression and Vibration testing. As an additional layer of protection, Aeris is Amazon APASS approved, and boasts a management system that is ISO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015 certified. Aeris constantly tests the quality of their inflatable packaging systems before offering it to its customers. 

Aeris’ clients have the benefit of dealing with a company that offers complete eco-friendly packaging solutions, from inside the box to the exterior enclosure. 

Packaging quality, product protection and the environment are our top priorities. 

  • Aeris’ inflatable packaging is compact and space efficient. In a simple comparison, one full truckload of bubble wrap is equal to one pallet of Aeris’ protective packaging. Imagine how much extra storage space and savings your company will have! 
  • Aeris’ air chamber packaging solutions have years of shelf-life and the security of our packaging design remains intact. 
  • No tooling requirements in this eco-friendly packaging design! 
  • Minimum orders requirements are small, and Aeris can work with your company to create a custom design. 
  • Aeris’ packaging is perfect for all your e-commerce needs, providing a safe journey for your valuable merchandise. 
  • Both the inner air chamber packaging and outer cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable.  

To discuss how these protective packaging solutions may benefit your business, speak with a member of the Aeris team today!  


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