Unboxing, Protective Packaging and the Afterlife

How packaging is part of the circular economy

By: Sharon Tansky 

So, we already know that Aeris Protective Packaging offers ‘best in class’ custom designed,100% recyclable, inflatable air-chamber packaging, with integrated matching corrugated boxes to protect what you ship.  

Aeris’ inflatable packing is also one of the most eco-friendly packaging solutions out there.

The valuable protection and savings your company will benefit by using Aeris Protective Packaging has been established. The second “half’ of the circular economy is what we will be focusing on. 

According to Wikipedia  “A circular economy employs reusesharing, repair, refurbishment, remanufacturing and recycling to create a closed-loop system…”  When it comes to e-commerce packaging, Aeris eco-friendly packaging propriety inflatable packaging does just that! 

E-commerce packaging: it can be fun!

To make sure Aeris’ unique inflatable packaging gets its chance to live on, it is important to make sure the client notices and is happy with the packaging they are handling. This is done through what is known as positive “unboxing experience”. Let us explore this further:

Your company has only one chance to impress the end user, and if the item shipped is received banged up or broken, the client will have a negative impression of the initial item ordered from your company, and then pay no attention to the packaging, doing as they please with it, whatever their habits may happen to be.

However, if that special item ordered arrives intact as intended, thanks to the protective packaging, the unboxing experience becomes a positive one. The end user is happy with their purchase and will notice how it is packaged. Aeris protective packaging has a sleek, no fuss appearance adding to the positive unboxing experience.

Clearly marked on air chamber packaging are the recycling emblems, and at a minimum that will serve as a reminder to, at the very least, have it recycled where it can be repurposed and come back to life.

If for any reason the original item ordered needs to be returned, Aeris’s eco-friendly packaging can be used again offering the very same protection it did the first time around. How is that for an e-commerce packaging solution?

Aeris’ inflatable packaging can also be reused in many ways and more creative minds can repurpose the eco-friendly packaging. Some very satisfied clients have already used the air chamber packaging as back rests on chairs, exercise mats, pool floaters, multipurpose carry-all, and just for fun, to do jumping exercises. Coming up soon is Aeris Protective Packaging’s fun campaign, featuring clients finding original ways to use the air chamber packaging. Stay tuned for that!

In conclusion, it is easy to see how Aeris’ Protective Packaging clearly fits the criteria of a product that is part of the circular economy.  

To discuss how our e-commerce packaging solutions may benefit your business, speak with a member of our team today by e-mail at info@aerispackaging.com, or give us a call at 888-682-8951.


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