Refurbishing of Electronics: The background story

Certifications, E-commerce packaging and a story with a safe (and eco-friendly) ending. 

By: Sharon Tansky

E-commerce Packaging is now part of the closed loop, eco-friendly packaging solution. While several options exist, air chamber packaging, with its inflatable packaging design is one of the most reliable, environmentally friendly, and affordable solutions. Refurbished electronics most commonly bought online, are one such product that benefits from the mastery of this specially designed protective packaging, and for good reason.

What the Certification Standard says 

According to the R2: Responsible Recycling website; (the premier global environmental, worker health and safety standard for the electronics refurbishing), it has had a huge growth in recent years, and thus is due to the awareness and the demand of clients to deal with companies that are certified, and thus managing their material safely.  

Reuse is widely recognized as the most environmentally beneficial form of materials management.  Repairing and reusing electronics extends the useful life of products and keeps them out of the waste stream.  

Afterall, 70% of the energy consumed by a computer was just from the manufacturing of the original device. In today’s world most refurbished computers are purchased online. After all that went into repairing and testing it is essential to consider how that electronic device will arrive safely at its destination.

This is so important, that it is included in the recently released R2: Version 3 standard,clause 10:.– To transport all electronic equipment, … a in a manner protective .. of  health, safety, and the environment. An R2 Facility shall ensure that: (a) All electronic equipment, components, and materials to be transported are packed appropriately

Remember all that energy to went into manufacturing that device? Well, it is Aeris Protective Packaging’s mission to keep these electronics in the reuse chain.


The team at Aeris Protective Packaging Inc., recently completed two milestone achievements and is now Amazon A-Pass certified and its management system is certified both ISO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015. As well, Aeris’ Protective Packaging designs are tested at independent ISTA test labs, where they are tested for Drop Resistance, Compression and Vibration testing. Our mission is lined up with R2. 

What can our company do?

Any company looking to justify their method of e-commerce packaging need to look no further. The integrated protective packaging system is designed to withstand the harshest of delivery methods and reduce your breakage rates. While the inflatable packaging and outer cardboard shell itself is 100% recyclable, and so reliable it can be reused, what matters the most is the protection it provides. 

Says who?

According to Mark Wineck, Director of Electronic Sales, clients switch to Aeris as soon as they realize how reliable the BPA-free, ROHS compliant and 100% recyclable eco-friendly packaging is, while lowering their shipping cost, reducing storage space in the warehouse, AND reducing their company’s carbon foot- print. The inflatable packaging ships flat and has a long shelf life. 

So when? 

NOW! Choosing the best and most reliable inflatable packaging for all your company’s e-commerce packaging needs allows for your company to do their part to protect their valuable product and keep it out of the recycling chain or landfill for as long as possible. 

AERIS offers you eco-friendly packaging with its inflatable propriety air-chamber packaging designed to protect your products and be cost-effective. Whether it’s electronics that are being shipped, musical instruments, windshields or whatever your company needs safely delivered, Aeris’ proprietary air chamber packaging ensures that your valuable products reach their destination safely intact.

Where can I get in touch with the team at Aeris Protective Packaging?

Anytime, at, or give us a call at 1-888-682-8951.

The big winner is the environment.


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