E- Commerce Packaging: Circular economy

Plastics: versatile, efficient & safe

Aeris Protective Packaging offers ‘best in class’ custom designed,100% recyclable, inflatable air-chamber packaging, with integrated matching corrugated boxes to protect what you ship.  All this in an eco-friendly packaging solution!

Much has been written about the valuable protection and savings your company will benefit by using Aeris Protective Packaging. Part of the circular economy for e-commerce packaging, it is time to explore the practical aspect of Aeris’ propriety inflatable packaging.

To paraphrase Lucrèce Foufopoulos, a keynote speaker at ICIS Recycling21 virtual conference; the problem is with people, and bad habits. Specifically, using plastic products and throwing them away as they are considered single use. Society’s goal in general needs to be changing consumer habits away from linear use, and this can be done by providing products that are efficient, versatile, and safe

Step 1 – Efficient Protective Packaging

Aeris Protective Packaging meets those stringent requirements. Efficiency – to accomplish this, the product needs to work as intended, and be created to solve a problem. Enter Aeris’ e-commerce packaging solutions which offer economic and environmental benefits as Aeris’ air chamber packaging bags have a unique inflatable packaging layout and a self-sealed, air locking valve system, which are custom designed for each item. This drastically decreases breakage rates which solves the e-commerce packaging problem of how to get products safely to the end user.

Step 2 – Versatility 

This leads to the second point – versatility- while Aeris’ air chamber packaging maximizes the protection of your products, ensuring that your end clients receive their items intact, that eco-friendly packaging is far from a single use item. Aeris’ inflatable packaging is so well made, it can both be reused or repurposed. If the item needs to be returned to the retailer for whatever reason, it can be shipped back in the same protective packaging and used over many times.

More creative minds can repurpose the eco-friendly packaging, and some very satisfied clients have already used the air chamber packaging as back rests on chairs, pool floaters, multipurpose carry-all, and just for fun, jumping exercises. Coming up soon is Aeris Protective Packaging’s fun campaign, featuring clients finding original ways to use the air chamber packaging. Stay tuned for that!

Step 3 – Safety

Lastly, plastics must be safe- clearly marked on the eco-friendly packaging are the recycling emblems, indicating the material is 100% recyclable, along with the external cardboard packaging, which has been created with recycled cardboard to begin with.  Recycling is the final step, but by recycling the plastic it can be repurposed and come back to life as another form. Please read our other blogs for more detailed information on how Aeris’ inflatable packaging is environmentally friendly every step of the way, from shipping flat, inflated on demand, space savings in the warehouse and in shipping, and as discussed here, reusable before being recycled. 

So how’s that for a product meeting stringent requirements, while being efficient, versatile, and safe and solving a huge problem in the e-commerce packaging dilemma?

To discuss how our eco-friendly packaging solutions may benefit your business, speak with a member of our team today by e-mail at info@aerispackaging.com, or give us a call at 888-682-8951.


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