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Mark Wineck


Sales and Business Development
Sales and Business Development

A top sales and marketing executive for the past 25 years, Mark’s passion is building long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with his clients, working with them to find the best solution to fulfill their needs. “I am excited about using my experience in packaging, logistics and problem solving to help people easily switch to AERIS’ inflatable product offerings,” says Mark, “ it is a technology with limitless potential. We are breaking new ground with game changing products for the packaging industry. Our packaging is 100% recyclable, has a very small carbon footprint and takes up little space in a client’s warehouse.”

Mark has always enjoyed sports at all levels, from participating as an athlete to coaching team sports. “I like the challenge of giving it everything I have and I get tremendous satisfaction from the feeling that comes from being part of a team.” From paintball to hockey to business, Mark plans a strategy to ensure that every team member or client contributes their best skills to achieve a desired result. The goal is to achieve a win-win situation for all concerned.