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Jeff Sazent


Director of Sales
Director of Sales

Jeff comes to Aeris from a life-long career in the Music Products and Audio Industries. As a 13-year old musician, Jeff hung out at Steve’s Music Store on weekends, where he learned from the retail master himself. His most valuable lesson: “if you worry about your customer, you won’t have to worry about your competitor!”

When Steve decided to open a second store, Jeff headed off to Toronto to find a suitable location. Musically, the ‘70’s and ‘80’s were magical times, and no retail establishment captured that spirit better than Steve’s. So Jeff’s vibrant personality and uncompromising customer service was a perfect fit for this electric atmosphere! Jeff’s reputation eventually got him an offer to take over the reins of Guitar Center’s Flagship store in Hollywood, CA and to “reinvent the Guitar Center Customer experience”. The mission was accomplished, leading to unprecedented sales and profits during his tenure. Some 5 years later, Jeff returned to Canada to join one of the country’s most respected pro audio distributors. There he created a new business unit selling Musical Instruments to retailers in both Canada and the USA.

“I have experienced the MI and Pro Audio industries from both sides of the counter and both sides of the border. As such, I’ve developed an appreciation for the logistics challenges unique to our industry. When I saw that Aeris’ inflatable packaging can provide superior protection, all at a lower cost than vastly inferior products, I was hooked! The products speak to me on every level, and I’m totally convinced that Aeris Packaging will evolve to become the new standard throughout the MI industry and beyond. Combine the products’ undeniable benefits with the company’s profound devotion to the environment, and Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner!”