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A common benefit across all industries is space and cost savings, ease of use and superior cushioning. One customer recently reduced box volume by 35% and shipping weight by 43%, resulting in enormous savings in shipping and handling!

AERIS provides reliable inflatable air-chamber packaging solutions for the following core industries:



Just in time delivery schedule. Need protective air-chamber packaging for tablets, laptops, desktops, monitors, smart phones and hard drives? We typically stock these items in our warehouse. Call us about setting up a just in time (JIT) delivery schedule, so you always have what you need… when you need it.

Reduced shipping costs. When you use AERIS air-chamber packaging, you will typically reduce the boxed shipping size by 18-30%. Decreasing the size of your company’s packaging will save your company significantly on shipping costs.

A better client experience. As an added value, clients using our protective packaging for electronic devices have reported that their products are easier to pack, and take out of a box – all the while providing greater product protection.


Withstand drops and vibration. Your product is important and we want to help you protect it. The shape of your product doesn’t limit us because we can customize an inflatable air-chamber package or sheet to fit any bottle or device you need to ship. AERIS’s specialized air-chamber packaging completely envelops your product and can typically withstand drop and vibration challenges, protecting your product long after other types of packaging have failed.


AERIS completely envelops your product. and can typically withstand multiple drops, protecting your product long after cardboard and styrofoam packaging have failed.

Lighting products are delicate and breakable, requiring the ultimate in protection.


Ship your wine, spirit or beer without it breaking! Yes, protecting these valuable products is important – and AERIS air-chamber packaging enables you to transport or ship your wine, spirit or beer without it breaking! We offer 2 different stock designs. We typically stock these items in our warehouse.

Do you sell wine from your vineyard or store?. Do you need to send sample bottles to your customer? Consider our specially designed bag that offers superior cushioning and comes with a die cut handle. This is perfect for picking up a bottle or two from the vineyard or store.

Wine clubs: are you concerned about breakage in transit? Consider our premium bag for ultimate protection. This design protects the complete bottle, especially the neck, which is the most vulnerable part. It is ideal for wine clubs or for sending out sample bottles to your customer. Our Premium design can withstand a 1 meter drop test in any direction.

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