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Air Chamber Packaging


Our goal at AERIS is to offer you a complete inflatable air-chamber packaging solution that gives you superior cushioning benefits, while at the same time being space-saving, eco-friendly and cost-effective. Yes, you can have it all!

How does inflatable air chamber packaging work? Our unique air-chamber technology envelops your product with a series of independent air chambers which fill at the same time, but deflate separately.

Using our inflatable air-chamber packaging is easy!

AERIS inflatable air-chamber packaging is product-centered, space-saving and cost-effective.
Our air-chamber packaging is designed around the shape of your product. It envelops your product like an air-filled glove, providing the protective cushioning your product needs. Because of the efficiency of our air-chamber technology, your box size – and therefore your shipping costs – can be significantly reduced.

AERIS air-chamber protective packaging can be custom-made to your product’s specifications, in most cases without tooling. Our packaging is shipped to your company flat to save you space; it inflates quickly and easily & lowers your labor costs by increasing packaging productivity.

AERIS inflatable packaging is eco-friendly
According to a recent article from the Environmental Protection Agency, containers and packaging accounted for 30% or 75.2m tons of total solid waste generated in the USA. Another study reports that sustainability will replace cost as one of the packaging industry’s major challenges within 10 years. Eco-friendly packaging is already obligatory in Europe.

AERIS is Zero Landfill, BPA Free, ROHS Compliant,100% Recyclable.

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