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About Aeris


AERIS offers you eco-friendly inflatable  air-chamber  packaging designed to protect your products easily, cost-effectively and completely. Whether it’s laptops, cell phones, electronics, glass bottles, art or medical devices. Our proprietary air-chamber packaging ensures that your valuable products reach their destination intact.

Our team brings together over 100 years of experience, offering you exceptional packaging expertise.  We have a deep understanding of the manufacturing and customizing of protective packaging, industrial textiles, archival packaging, just in time shipping systems, reusable packaging, Point of Purchase (POP) displays, retail packaging and more.

AERIS is committed to being innovative in its use of technology to bring meaningful improvement to you, our customers, and to the planet as a whole.

We are protective packaging experts, specializing in the field of inflatable air-chamber technology. When you work with us, you are going directly to the source. We are able to customize inflatable air-chamber packaging for you, and also act as part of your supply chain management, setting up value added warehousing tools to improve operational packaging efficiencies. We can collaborate with you to set up a just in time (JIT) delivery schedule, so you always have what you need… when you need it.


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